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The Ideal Partner for Your Digital Transformation Needs

At DAS Tech, we have a small, dedicated team of consultants and engineers, whose core mission is to help agencies with digital transformation, including supporting knowledge sharing, collaboration, web hosting, and digital marketing

DAS Technology Consulting Services

DAS can assist your agency through digital transformation in all its forms

Not every agency employs a full-time Chief Technology Officer. With DAS Digital Consulting services, we can provide this very strategic level of consulting to help guide and inform your agency’s digital transformation efforts.

Our consultants, each with more than 15 years of experience in digital transformation, can help your agency with process automation, cloud services evaluation, applications strategy, digital governance, partner and vendor assessments and client-facing digital strategy consulting.

With deep expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), content strategy and marketing automation we can help you fill your business development pipeline with qualified leads to fuel your agency’s growth. And, because of our unique position working across Omnicom agencies, we can also help you identify digital development and marketing partners.

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:

• Applications strategy
• Implementing agile development programs
• Vendor identification for digital projects
• RFP creation
• Implementation guidance for digital tools (e.g. portals, workflow, client collaboration, CRM/marketing automation, and analytics)
• DevOps strategy

For more information about DAS Digital Consulting Services, please contact:

Andy Roach, andy.roach@dasglobal.com

WordPress Managed Service

Managed WordPress

Hosting and Development

There is no denying the power of WordPress, but managing it can be time-consuming. We can give your technology and marketing teams more time to focus on clients.

The Managed WordPress Service takes care of the entire WordPress platform using industry best practices and state-of-the-art security features, so your teams can focus on agency and client marketing.

WordPress Platform Maintenance

• Monthly updates to core WordPress, plugins and theme files
• Technical QA for monthly updates

Security and Monitoring

• Production environment is isolated from QA and database environments
• All logins follow standard password requirements
• All sites are monitored 24/7 for uptime.

Site Migrations and Development

• On a project basis, we can assist you with site migrations from other content management systems
• We can also provide ongoing development and maintenance packages for your unique needs.

For more information about the WordPress Managed Service or WordPress Development, please contact:

Kevin Reynolds, Senior Advisor, kevin.reynolds@dasglobal.com

SharePoint Consulting and Hosting

SharePoint Development and Hosting Services

A SharePoint portal could be the solution to your collaboration, information sharing and version-control needs

If you want to take client service and agency collaboration to the next level, a SharePoint portal could be the service you need. SharePoint can improve knowledge sharing and team collaboration by storing all of your agency knowledge in one place, and DAS Tech can provide the expertise to implement an effective SharePoint solution, including intranets, extranets, pitch or project sites.

Our team of expert consultants can deploy Office 365 and SharePoint solutions to support the unique work processes and knowledge-sharing needs of your creative and operations teams. Whether you need a new application built for your existing SharePoint environment, or an entirely new platform, we will work with you to develop a customized approach.

In addition, DAS Tech maintains a SharePoint Managed Service, providing an option for agencies to get up and running with SharePoint quickly and securely if Office 365 does not meet all of their needs.

For more information on Sharepoint Services Pitch Sites or Managed Extranets, contact:

Laura Diorio, Director of Application Services, laura.diorio@dasglobal.com

Pitch Sites

Every pitch requires sharing information with your team

With our custom Pitch Sites, you can ensure your agency’s client-specific collateral, RFP responses and presentations can all be viewed and edited easily and securely by account team members.

For more information on Sharepoint Services Pitch Sites or Managed Extranets, contact:

Laura Diorio, Director of Application Services, laura.diorio@dasglobal.com


Extranets help account teams and clients to stay on the same page

Most clients value efficiency, so if your teams are struggling with version control, or want to boost agency-client collaboration, it may be time to launch an extranet. An extranet helps streamline your account management: clients can find everything they need in one place, know they have the most up-to-date versions of documents, can access files on the go and log in to see real-time progress. Extranets can also be highly impressive to prospects – reassuring clients that they’re buying a service backed by an impressive technology platform. And, if you regularly send highly confidential work, an extranet can be more secure than email.

We provide intuitive, user-friendly extranets as a managed service, taking care of platform administration and maintenance, backups, and security. Also, our strong team of collaboration experts can provide guidance, development assistance, and training to ensure your extranet meets your agency’s unique needs.

For more information on Sharepoint Services Pitch Sites or Managed Extranets, contact:

Laura Diorio, Director of Application Services, laura.diorio@dasglobal.com